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Step 2: Stunning Graphics

Second, I'll help you create outstanding graphics, layout and stock photos to help you attract more customers.

  • Ipad screenshot of My Omalicha's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of Builders Siding's websitel
  • Ipad screenshot of a section of Lexco's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of Broadlands Sports & Grill's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of RegConcile's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of Lexco's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of Digitaluc's website.
  • Ipad screenshot of The Grind's website.

Step 3: Essential Features

First impressions matter, but a beautiful car is nothing without a powerful engine.

In addition to a unique logo, beautiful graphics and layouts, I'll ensure your website is fast, secure & mobile-friendly.

Mobile-first design

Over 50% of customers now use mobile devices to search for products and services they need.

A mobile-frienly design will help your customers find you on any device.

Iphone screenshot of MyOmalicha's website. Iphone screenshot of The Grind's website. Iphone screenshot of Broadland Sports Bar and Grill's website. Iphone screenshot of Lexco's website.
Screenshot of speed performance test conducted on Neil Patel's Ubersuggest app/website. Screenshot of speed performance test conducted Google's app/website Pagespeed.

Built for perfomance

Today, customers expect web pages to load in under 4 seconds.

A fast-loading website will ensure you don't lose customers to slow-loading web pages.

Built-in security

With hackers lurking around every corner of the web, more and more customers value security while surfing the net.

A secure website will put your customers mind at ease, and increase the chances that they fill out your valuable lead forms.

Screenshot showing a website with SSL installed. Screenshot of speed performance test conducted Google's website Pagespeed.

Step 4: On-going Maintenance

The software that powers any website is constantly evolving.

It's important to keep it up-to-date because outdated software (plugins, themes ect) on your website can leave it vulnarable to lower rankings on search engines, security breaches, and lower performance.

Once we're done building your new website, I'll help you keep it up-to-date so it remains fast, secure, and optimized for search.

Why you need it

Trust the experts

Website management is like oil change for your website.

You can do it yourself, but it's better and safer to let experts do it consistantly and more efficiently.

Save time

More over, letting experts maintain and optimize your website will save you time and allow you to focus on what you love: Your business.

Grow you business

A beautiful, fast, secure, mobile-friendly, & optimized website can help you get more website visitors, capture more leads, & increase revenue.

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Don't take my word for it

Hear it from satisfied customers

Luc was incredible helping us establish a presence online. He created a great, mobile-friendly website that made it easier for our customers to interact with our brand.

Brittany B.

Warriors Ethos

Luc helped us redesign our website to make it more modern. Since then, we've gotten a lot more leads than we used to. We recommend luc to anyone who needs graphic or web design services.

Larry M.

Builders Siding Co

Luc took my website idea and brought it into the world. He was responsible for multiple elements of the web design including ensuring the site loaded quickly, it had clean and modern aesthetics as well as a functional backend. We went through multiple iterations until the site sparkled. Luc has valuable strengths to offer any small business owner with design or website needs.

Rachael Q.

Writer, Journalist & Editor.

Luc was an absolute Joy to work with. I'm extremely pleased with the final results! I LOVE my new logo.

Tiffany D.

Reg Concile